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We create custom TV Channels On the Web, Roku, Amazon TV, Apple TV and iOS and Android for people that have something to say. With an international reach and a rapidly growing audience of over 100 million users, now is the time to make the leap to On Demand Streaming TV. Viewers are cutting the cord faster than ever. Traditional TV is slowly dying. Cable is losing subscribers at a faster and faster pace. Even YouTube knows they must be available on streaming platforms in order to stay relevant. Trouble is, platforms like YouTube ultimately own your channel and control your content. With our system there is no danger of being de-monetized by the likes of YouTube or Facebook because they don’t like what you say or what products you promote. You own your content, hosted on your server, distributed on your channels. You own it – period. Let Exporexi help you to control your message AND who owns your content with a channel on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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Channels are surprisingly affordable and easy to manage. We also offer complete channel management for a fee. That means you can focus on your content and nothing else.

Exporexi guarantees an easy & rapid launch of your TV Channel. With the highest quality in code & design. Ready for Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Apple TV . Your programming can be in any language you wish.
You Channel will appear along side of channels like HBO, ESPN and Showtime on Roku and Apple TV.

ROKU Developer

As certified Roku Developers, we create fully customized TV Channels on Roku Platform, your colors, your Logo, your Brand, your videos. Roku has the most active daily users and offer the most flexibility of features.  With many monetization options for your content, Roku should be the platform of choice to make home to your new TV channel.

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Apple TV

As a member of the Apple Developer program, we can create and deploy TvOs and iOs apps to the Apple App store for our clients. We create fully customized TV Channels on the Apple TV Platform, your colors, your Logo, your Brand, your videos.  Manage your content from our simple to use Channel Control Center. Load and organize your content into the system for distribution on your Apple TV channel.

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Fire TV

We are registered Amazon developers which means we can create and publish your  Amazon Fire Tv channel for your quickly and efficiently.  We create fully customized TV Channels on Amazon Fire TV Platform. Your colors, your logo, your brand, your videos.  Get your TV channel on the second most distributed OTT platform for a surprisingly low cost.  Contact one of our experts to find out how.

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In short- Everyone that has something to say. Television is the visual medium and nothing compares to it’s ability to engage viewers and communicate your message. Here’s a short list of ideas about who should have a TV Channel.

  • CELEBRITIES AND PERFORMERS including Influencers
  • MUSICAL GROUPS – Control your own promotion and Fan Clubs
  • BUSINESSES– Promote your Brands and new products or services. Channels can be set up as a private channel for internal training  purposes.
  • RADIO AND TV STATIONS – Expand your stations reach beyond your local market.
  • PRIVATE AND PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS – Highlight special events. Promote your message world wide.
  • RECORD LABELS – Promote artists Music, Videos & Events. The ultimate EPK.
  • ARTISTS – Promote your work in a powerful visual medium.
  • MUNICIPALITIES – Share information with your residents.
  • TRADE GROUPS – Use video to educate and serve your membership.
  • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – Promote member businesses and broadcast meetings and training.
  • SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES – Broadcast classes, Curriculum materials and Important events and more.
  • THEATERS AND PERFORMANCE GROUPS – Live stream performances and promote new shows.
  • ENTREPRENEURS – Use your unique vision to make the most of the medium.
  • TOURISM BOARDS – What better way to promote your destination than with television?
  • CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES AND MOSQUES – Broadcast services, teachings and prayers to the faithful.
  • YOU!
Channel Names are first come, first served.  Don’t miss out.
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
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By securing your channel now, you will secure your name and brand on these platforms. In much the same way as you have a.com web address,  you will want to secure your name for Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV before someone else does.

  • Multi-platform Ready
  • Live Streaming
  • Playlists
  • Program Content Blocks
  • Self Manage or Managed Options
  • Affordable and Accessible
  • Personalized Service
  • Own and Control Your Content
  • Protect and Build Your Brand
  • Many Ways To Monetize
  • Generate Revenue with Ads
  • Generate Revenue with Subscriptions
  • Sell Products
  • Build Long Term Assets
  • Private Channel Options

Major TV Platforms

We create TV Channels & Advertise on the same Platforms with the Top TV Brands.

Video On Demand is here now.

You may be wondering why any of this matters. Traditional Television is disappearing as we know it. More and more people are cutting the cord from cable. Even subscription based services like Netflix are finding their audience being cannibalized by the never ending competition. VOD and Streaming TV is taking over pure and simple. Many people have reached a saturation point with monthly fees and are searching for an alternative like free Streaming TV. Marketing in this landscape has become more and more challenging with the continued segmentation of advertising channels making it harder to find the right audience.

Nearly one third of all US connected Smart TV users will use Roku this year. A figure projected to reach 50% by 2022. Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV platforms have over 100 million combined users world wide. Currently Roku has 27 million active users and is on track to record a record 1 billion dollars in revenue this year. Amazon Fire TV has over 30 million active users and Apple TV is coming in fast. If you own an Apple Phone you might have noticed how Apples TV app is prominently featured since the most recent OS upgrade. This train will soon be leaving the station. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to get your own channels on these platforms before the rules tighten and before the platforms are overwhelmed with channels.

Television is one of the most convertible types of advertising and now it is in reach of everyone at a previously unheard of cost of entry. Imagine promoting your Brand, business or organization with the opportunity to advertise without the restrictions of traditional television. Capture your audience when they are most likely to be receptive to your message. Unique content can be sold on a subscription basis to brand loyalist or fans. Channels can be used as an easy to manage source of training and promotional videos for your staff, business or school.

We can even provide you with the means to program your channel on a weekly basis just like a traditional television network. Schedule shows for daytime evening or night with different audiences in mind. Live broadcasts can be streamed to your subscribers or viewers as you wish. Promote live events and sell access. The possibilities are vast . Get in touch to discuss how we can turn your ideas into a reality.

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