Exporexi (pronounced expo-rex-I) is a company that is passionate about communicating ideas. Business, Science, Health, Adventure, Fashion, Fun and so much more.  The founders of the company have been exploring the world of ideas for over 30 years. They bring their collective experience in Television, Business, and Marketing together to help you conquer the future of communication.
We create new creative and marketing opportunities for artists, entrepreneurs, and storytellers to share their vision in the medium that forms the center of many homes- the television. The simple television is being transformed into something new. We want to help you be part of that transformation and get a head start over the competition.
Our main mission is to help our customers meet their goals with the channels we develop. Listening and learning about your goals, ideas and expectations and even your long term dreams helps us to reach that mark. Inspire educate entertain.
In addition to helping others get their start with Video On Demand. Exporexi is actively building our own our branded channel lineup. Our Channels aims to entertain, educate and empower people and animals large and small.
As certified developers for Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, we know what it takes to bring a new channel live to those services.