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Amazon Fire TV is one of the latest trends in smart TV streaming services! 

Amazon Fire TV is one of the least expensive pieces of hardware you can get in the VOD space. As more users “cut the cord” on cable TV, this is a perfect opportunity to get in front of a new audience. Amazon Fire TV boasts more than 34-million active users.

The popularity of Amazon Fire TV shouldn’t be surprising, considering Amazon has become somewhat of a household name.

Fire TV boasts tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa-integrated commands. Furthermore, the “plug and play” ease of use makes this platform simple for nearly anyone to use.

Additionally, the ability to control Amazon Fire TV through smart home technology with Alexa compatibility makes creating content on this platform a MUST for content creators interested in marketing their brand in the “modern home.”

Users can use Alexa to control the playback of content (including playing, pausing, and resuming) using nothing more than their voice. Integrations with other apps including Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, and other VOD services make Amazon Fire a top choice for consumers. Once a user loads your your Fire TV app, it will be displayed along side of any other popular apps the user has loaded like HBO or Paramount Plus for example.

Additionally, PRIME users can stream movies and TV channels as a part of their PRIME membership. Considering that, in January of 2020, Amazon reported PRIME had more than 150 million PRIME subscribers worldwide, this is a platform you can’t afford to overlook.

Exporexi is proud to offer you the ability to launch your Fire TV app. With a few clicks, you too can have your own branded Amazon Fire TV channel.

Our software allows you to stream to multiple channels with ease. Just upload your content—it’s that simple! Exporexi handles the hosting and technical platform.

Our white-labeled platform comes with all tools you need to upload your content. Exporexi takes care of everything else: customizing your design based on your brand visuals, launching your Fire TV App, and maintaining the platform.

Think of Exporexi as a trusted partner. We will walk you through the entire process of launching your Amazon Fire app. Exporexi takes care of the technical components, allowing you to focus on creating content.

Launching an Amazon Fire TV App Is Simple!

Exporexi offers a simple solution for creating your Amazon Fire TV app. Log-in to the platform, upload your content through our dashboard and get going.

After uploading your content, Exporexi submits your app to the Amazon store. In a short amount of time your app is live!

White Labelled Fire TV App

Are you looking for a solution that keeps you in control of your brand? Another reason to consider the Exporexi platform is that we only work at the back-end. You own your app 100%.

Our white-labeled solution allows you to upload your logo, and all app submission accounts will use your brand name. Additionally, all communication will flow into your accounts.

Exporexi handles the IT & execution for your Amazon Fire TV App.

Seamless Customization

Exporexi allows you to personalize your Fire TV app based on your needs or preferences.

Choose a theme that matches your brand, change functionality to work it around your comfort and even seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms to manage your payments, marketing, reporting, and CRM.

Easily Manage Billing

One reason people consider OTT and VOD services is monetization. You may be considering Amazon Fire TV as an alternative source of revenue as YouTube started demonetizing content posted to their platform.

With our platform, you can choose a monetization model that best suits your business needs. Exporexi supports subscription models, such as Pay-Per-View (PPV), video on demand (VOD), and monetized advertising.

Exporexi makes it easy for you to manage different payment gateways, accept various currencies, and manage promotions in your Fire TV App.

Manage Your Amazon Fire TV App

Your Amazon Fire TV app powered by Exporexi will have all the features Amazon allows.

Here are a few highlights the app will allow your viewers:

  • Ease of search
  • Simple navigation
  • The ability to pay for their favorite content

Here are a few highlights the app provides you as a content creator:

  • Seamlessly manage app
  • Execute transactions
  • Push notifications and communications notifications

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

The Exporexi platform lets you review the most crucial analytics and KPI’s. Quickly understand how your Fire TV App is performing, which videos are getting viewed, and calculate the average time users spend watching your videos.

Exporexi provides detailed reporting on data that matters most. Use this data to understand how users are impacting your channel’s performance and helps you gain more viewers as well as revenues ultimately!

Developing an Amazon Fire TV App

What you may not know is that an Amazon Fire TV app is actually a simplified web page.

Traditionally, the best way to develop on Amazon Fire TV is to connect via WiFi to the device. For developers, one of the most exciting features of publishing to the Amazon Fire TV platform is the ability to run Android games directly on the TV.

Note: The first-generation Amazon Fire TV is not supported.

For most users, this can be a complicated process. After all, you’re a creator, not necessarily a coder. Exporexi eliminates the hassle of having to develop an Amazon Fire TV app. Let us handle the back-end infrastructure and focus on getting your brand messaging out to your audience.

Does that mean Amazon Fire TV is as good as Apple TV?

Not necessarily. Amazon Fire TV tends to be used more by the baby boomers demographic. Most younger demographics prefer streaming services like Roku or Apple TV.

Fire TV also provides an alternative way to play Audible books on Amazon Fire TV. To do this, you will need to remove the DRM protection first, then convert them to MP3, or another standard audio format. Lastly, you will want to save the file to your local computer.

Amazon Fire Best Practices

As with most platforms, some general UX guidelines can go a long way.

Some things to keep in mind are the screen size and resolution of your users as well as the color selection and typography of your channel.

A simple, yet effective, test is to consider the 10-foot UI (user interface). According to Amazon developer documentation, the 10-ft UI requires simplicity in clarity in your design function. The overreaching concept of the 10-ft UI is that users should be able to quickly identify and understand what your channel or application is from a minimum of 10 feet away. Excess clutter, color choices, and typography can play a big role here.

Understanding that certain screens and pages may not accommodate layouts in a singular format. Because of this, it’s important to understand that what may look good on a smart TV may not always translate well or result in good user experience on a tablet or mobile device.

Amazon Fire TV Highlights

  • 100% white-labeled
  • Managed hosting service
  • Stream from supported Android devices or Kindle Fire
  • No Revenue Share with Exporexi – you keep the profits from your channel

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