Independance Day Promo - Free Amazon Fire TV Channel Offer

In honor of the 4th of July, we decided to do something crazy. During this week only,  we are going to give everyone that signs up for a Roku channel development and hosting package  a FREE AMAZON FIRE TV CHANNEL. 

Here’s how it works.

You sign up for a regular subscription for one of our Roku TV  Channel development and hosting packages (using the link below). That qualifies you for your Free Amazon Fire TV Channel.  You read that right – We will develop a standard Amazon Fire TV channel for you for free. That’s it. There is no additional charge for the Amazon Channel during the life of your Roku Channel subscription.

What you get.

Our regularly priced Standard Roku Channel package costs $299 per month, adding Amazon costs $100 more per month. With this Promo, you get both for $299 per month.  That’s a $1200 per year savings. You will be getting 2 OTT TV Channel Apps, Video hosting with storage for approximately 50 hours of Full HD content, Training, Email support and access to our TV Professionals for a half hour of Free Consulting on your project. Once your initial payment is made, you will be contacted by our team via email or phone to co-ordinate the details of your channel and signing of the contract.

Not sure if you are ready yet? Need more than the standard Roku channel? Book a call with one of our experts to talk about your project.

The fine print: Since we don’t know how many of these we will need to make, we will work on a first come, first served basis. Roku channels get made first and then the Amazon Fire channels. Everyone that orders will get their free Amazon Fire channel. Our standard terms and conditions apply. 6 month minimum subscription term. No refunds after 7 days or if your project has been started, whichever come first.