You open up your email and there it is….. the dreaded violation of terms of service message from You Tube. Your channel has been blocked, banned or otherwise CANCELLED. Months or maybe even years of work vanished in the blink of an eye. It might be temporary or a simply a warning or it might be permanent. We all know what it really means. You are now or will be de-platformed from You Tube.

You Tube De-platforming solution

Your revenue stream has disappeared and the platform to spread your ideas has been blocked. Now what? Well maybe you can move to other video sharing platforms. But let’s face it, none of them quite match the reach or earning potential of You Tube. That’s where we can help. We can help you get your content back out into the world and in front of a world wide audience in their living rooms, on cell phones and computers.

You Tube can be a great place to host your video. There is only one problem. You do not control your content. Because they allow you to host on Youtube for free, they control how, what and who can see your videos. When you offer controversial or contrarian opinions and information you become a target on all of the social media and video sharing sites. If the gatekeepers decide you are done on their platform for what ever reason, they can take you down and there is very little you can do about it. Even Joe Rogan and his very popular podcast was blocked by You Tube because of a guest he had on. One thing is clear if your ideas do not mesh with those of the major media platforms you will be denied the opportunity to spread your message.

Fortunately we have the solution to You Tube de-platforming and demonetization. When you purchase a channel with us, you control your content, where it goes and more importantly – YOU OWN IT! You can decide if your content will be free to watch or if you will offer a subscription to it or show ads on your channel. The best part is we make it easy to mirror your content on You Tube or other platforms. With our solution you can do that without any worries that you lose access because someone arbitrarily decides your voice doesn’t count or your message is too controversial. If a TOS violation comes and you are blocked on a platform you still have access to all of your videos and they will continue to be shared wherever you decide to share them.

When you partner with Exporexi, you get access to our state of the art backbone and International server network. We provide you with an easy to use dashboard to manage your content and where it goes. We interface with the major social media platforms too. We have options for live streaming, websites with video integration and much more. You can even place your content behind a paywall if you choose. Unless you are promoting something that is against the law, we can help you quickly get back on line and in front of over 100 million potential viewers on Roku, Amazon and Apple TV.

So if you have already been sent a first notice about your content from You Tube or are concerned it will happen soon, now is the time to act. In many cases we can help you get all of your content off of You Tube and on to your channel on our servers. If you are not outright banned, but want the security of knowing your content is protected from being disappeared by YouTube we can help with that too. Our system can automatically copy your Youtube videos each time they are posted so you have the peace of mind of knowing they are safe from being disappeared into the internet black hole.

Call us to get started protecting your content from de-platforming.

What We Believe

We support the United States First Amendment right to free speech and Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, even if the subject matter is unpopular or offensive. Our job is not to judge but to provide a platform to let the idea be heard and let the people decide its worth. We think everyone has the right to a free expression of ideas even if we do not agree with them. The great thing about electronic communication is you can turn it off or choose to simply not view it. We all individually get to vote with our eyeballs and wallets.


Note – Content producers are ultimately responsible for the content of their channels and for adhering to the laws of the territories in which the content is distributed and the policies of the platforms they are using to share that content.