Broadcast LIVE Videos on 10 Social Media Sites Simultaneously

So many of our customers asked us for an easy to use solution to live stream over the past years. We were listening and are happy to say that we have delivered it. Now you can Multi Cast to Face Book, You Tube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram Linked In and more. You can also send your live Stream to a custom RTMP like your Roku Amazon and Apple TV channels.

Using ExpoStream  you can broadcast your LIVE stream across 10 different social media platforms at the same time.

No need to go to different platforms individually & repeat the same pitch again-n-again.

In just 1-click… you can engage & interact with audiences on all 10 social media platforms

Live stream example

Live Stream with Ease

Example of a live stream

Have Multiple Participants

Have Multiple Participants

Multiple LIVE Streaming Options

Share your screen or stream your webcam.

You get multiple options to use for your LIVE (or LIVE-like) Stream.

You can even decide to share your screen, webcam & your guests’ screens simultaneously. Simply point-n-click the option you want while streaming LIVE or while recording.