The process is actually pretty simple. Schedule a call with us. You talk to one of our TV experts. They will learn about your goals and expectations for your channel. They may make some suggestions, ideas about monetizing or share some ideas with you for the channel layout.  Once we know what your goals are for the channel and what platform you want to be on, we send you a custom subscription link. You accept the subscription, and we get started.

We will send you a form to fill out with the details we need to build the channel and that’s it. You need to have your channel name and a 300 dpi resolution version of your logo and any content you want to place on the channel to start with.

If we have everything we need from you, we can build your Roku or Amazon Fire TV channel in a couple of days and you can be live in one or two weeks. Apple channels take a little longer.

That’s it. Bring your great idea and give us a call.