Channel Pause Program

A question we occasionally  get is, What happens if I can’t pay for my subscription for my TV Channel? Under normal circumstances you have a short grace period to make your payment. You will receive an email from us about your non payment with a deadline to respond. If the payment isn’t made before the end of that grace period, we have the right to delete your channel from our systems. That means all of your hard work will have gone to waste and if you want to get your channel going again you would have to start over  with building the app and reloading your content at what ever the current price is.

The good news is we understand that sometime circumstances change, short term cash flow issues happen or life happens and a pause can be in order. That is why we developed the Channel Pause program.  The Channel Pause program allows you to keep your TV Channel live on whichever OTT platforms it is published to. We freeze your access but don’t remove your account or channel information from our system. You won’t be able to update or change anything on the channel, including Live Streams, but the public will be able to see your channel on whichever platforms it is on. Basically, we freeze your channel in time.

When you are ready to get going again making additions to or editing your channel let us know in an email and we will issue a new regular subscription link for you.  Once that is restarted you will have access to your channel again and can continue your TV journey.

Here are the important restrictions.

The Channel Pause program is limited to one use per calendar year. This means you can pause your channel for as long as you need to, but can’t pause restart and pause again repeatedly in one year.  Live Streams will not function during the channel pause.  So if your channel relies on Live Streaming, contact us at for a solution for your situation.  There is a different fee based on how much content you are storing on your channel. Up to 50 gb of storage is the base rate. After that the price Increases based on each additional 50 gb  of storage you are using.  Out standing balances are still due. If you owe an outstanding balance before you start the Channel Pause program, that balance is still due. The Channel Pause Program is meant to give you a chance to recover or regroup without the worry that you will lose your channel.  If you have any questions about the program please contact us at for more information.